Location, weather and climate

In high season it can be quite warm during the day. Not too warm, due to the wind in the mountains. In the evening when temperatures are cooler, about 22 pm, most people will be dressed. Later in the evening it's sometimes nice to wear something with long sleeves. Trousers or thick sweater in high season are never really needed. In the spring and autumn the temperatures are lower and it is wise to bring warmer clothes for the evenings. It is almost never too hot to sleep. Even in summertime you will need your sleeping bag or duvet. As we are at 1000 meters altitude we barely have mosquitoes.


Unfortunately the weather forecast is not regularly. Fortunately, most of it negative, because usually the weather is better than indicated in the forecast. Actually, the climate here is a combination of the Mediterranean area and the foothills of the Alps. And usually we have just the beautiful weather of the Mediterranean coast! Do you like to follow the weather forcast!

Here is a fairly reliable weather report:


Below we provide a more detailed overview of the weather and the temperature of the lake in the different months of the season as we have experienced in recent years. Of course, it will still remain the weather!

The weather in July and August is usually sunny and warm. The air is pure and very clean. Because we are at 1000 meters altitude and the evening is always nice and cooler, you can even sleep very well even after a warm day. You can spend the evening sitting outside, but after 21 hours you will usually need something to wear. The temperature at night will be about 15-17 degrees. Just bringing a bed sheet is not sufficient. The lake at the site is 900 meters deep, but in summer, it has a pleasant temperature for swimming.